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Top 10 things to do in Dresden with Bus & Coach Charter Berlin

Once you arrive at Dresden airport, then your host will be the airport shuttle by coach charter Berlin that will drive you to Dresden for your journey. The Bus Company would be the perfect companion to visit Dresden, the town of Baroque wonders reborn from the last world war. The chartered bus team says it is becoming an significant stop for travelers in Germany thanks to Dresden's rich past and beautifully renovated city center. Tour bus Dresden provides a seamless combination of heritage sights and new luxuries from renovated neoclassical architecture in Inner Altstadt to neighboring shopping malls.

Coach Charter Berlin Bus Rental is really your constant assistance in providing excellent Dresden holidays. Are you going to fly with group? Renting a bus is the solution! Coach Charter Berlin Chartered bus is the highest transportation choice in Dresden. Tour bus service lets you visit Dresden and enjoy your holiday. The Bus Company of Coach Charter Berlin tells tour leaders to let us know about the intended activities, so arrangements are coordinated before the journey to Dresden. Airport Shuttle can take charge of the transfers from airport to hotel and back to your party. Need ideas on where to get to Dresden? Find out our favorite 10 places in Dresden here:


Crested by one of Europe's highest church domes, the magnificent church of Frauenkirche demands attention, and is located at Neumarkt. Chartered bus found the Frauenkirche was completely demolished by allied air raids in 1945. The debris was initially placed in Neumarkt as a war memorial but subsequently relocated to storage in the 1980s to allow for rebuilding.


One of Germany's most famous baroque buildings, Zwinger Palace was built by the Saxon Elector Augustus II the Strong in the late 16th century as a place for lavish court festivities. The pavilions of the Zwinger are home to museums which concentrate on the state collections. Bus Company will be the best partner to drive you to this wonderful garden and palace.


The majestic Dresden Opera House, named after its founder Gottfried Semper and built in 1878, is one of the world's most famous locations for the performing arts. Wagner and Richard Strauss (Elektra, Salome, Der Rosenkavalier) conducted international premieres for operas at the Semperoper throughout the 19th century. Bus leasing recommends to provide exuberant interior led tours.


They set about constructing a new church in the town after the Albertine Wettins under Augustus II the Strong had converted to Catholicism to make them fit for the Polish throne in the 18th century. Chartered bus reveals the cathedral houses the last survivor of four organs built in the early 1750s by master Gottfried Silbermann.


Consisting of a suburb on the banks of the Elbe, the Neustadt is the area of Dresden that was reconstructed after a major fire in the 1730s, which is why it is considered "fresh." Bus rental promises lots of fun with some 150 restaurants and bars, as Neustadt is one of the best places to spend leisure time in Germany.


You could come across a passage in the Neustadt across a series of courtyards, all innovative in nature. Tour bus suggests taking the Hof der Elemente, which has a grid of downpipes built on the exterior like musical instruments.


For the electors and kings of Saxony, the Summer Residence is only a few kilometers from Dresden up the Elbe. Pillnitz is in fact a series of three palaces: the Wasserpalais (Waterfront Palace), the Bergpalais (Upper Palace) and the Neues Palais, the Neoclassical Palace of the 1820s. From our bus service hire a bus with a driver and take a few minutes drive to explore 28-hectare Conifer Garden and Dutch Garden grounds.


In 2006, the Austrian artist Yadegar Asisi expressed his concept of "Panometer" to Dresden, building a panoramic image 27 meters high and 127 meters in diameter in a disused telegraphic gasometer in the Reick region. Bus renting advises the attraction is taking advantage of the gasometer's nearly empty interior to view past Dresden panoramas.


This 5,000 square meter museum accommodates an incredible array of the first commonly operated travel vehicles. Chartered bus ensures the Dresden Motor Museum is a ride through the history of motoring, from steam engine trains to boats, cars, bikes and many more.


Brühl's Terrace, situated on the shores of the Elbe River, is called the German Balcony. It is a panoramic architectural arrangement that extends across the bank of the river and houses one of the famous relaxing time spots for locals and visitors alike, with picture perfect scenery. 

Wherever you live, the airport shuttle from Coach Charter Berlin can carry your party and support you during your whole travel period in Dresden. The airport shuttle for Coach Charter Berlin will select you and your party from Dresden Airport or some other location in and around the area. It should take just a while to get to the city with our airport shuttle and start enjoying your holidays in Dresden. We are the tour bus that offers you freedom so you and your friends will build your own unique trip. When taking airport transfers when Dresden, our airport shuttle service will be the smart companion to provide. Give us your request now and we're going to test rates and availability to send you the best deal for your ride to Dresden.

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