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Visit Carnival of Cultures 2021 with Coach Charter Berlin - Your bus company in Berlin

Visit Carnival of Cultures 2021 with Coach Charter Berlin - Your bus company in Berlin
The Berlin city urban carnival is a jubilant homage of an egalitarian society. This event has been revealing the diversity of this town for more than two decades. At this festival you will find participants from many different backgrounds and cultures coming together to show their passions, notions and hopes artistically with a street parade to share with progressive viewers. The participating teams' resourceful and inclusive efforts will be on display on the weekend of Pentecost 21-24 May 2021.This is free street admissions event. 

The big parade will take place on Pentecost Sunday May 23, with around 4,000 carnival actors filling the public space on the designated streets to share and promote Berlin 's cultural wealth. In this parade the teams and floats will take artistic jargons to deal with social and political issues. Throughout this event you can see participants from every Berlin cultural heritage and district using this chance to express their participation, achievements and concerns. This Carnival is actually a four-day street festival where local bands in Berlin can have a large platform for excited audience to entertain. Here visitors will go on a musical journey around the world. There will be a green space for dedicated clubs and companies, like the Berlin 'Food Truck' group, that value the environment with sustainable practices. Coach Charter Berlin's airport shuttles, coach rentals, and tour buses have been the reliable carrier for tourists to Berlin's Carnival of Cultures for decades.

Our Bus Service will immediately take charge of your transfers in Berlin to the festival sites, or hotels, and of course to the airports, whether your party is local or from outside Berlin. You may also book a Long Distance Coach with multi-day tour driver that covers other towns, or other countries outside us. We 're looking forward to having your application.


In 1996, the first Carnival of Cultures took the xenophobic attacks in Rostock to the streets of Berlin's Kreuzberg, as a reaction to the racist unrests. Now decades later, Europe is building new border fences for various reasons, but on the one hand you can still find some welcoming culture, to violence against people with different looks on the other. But Berlin's different cultures still make this carnival the heart of the moving motor. This carnival gives Berlin 's diverse cultures the chance to highlight their respective roots, and how they blend together to make up the esteemed Berlin citizens who want to see, greet and experience worldwide tourists. Coach Charter Berlin, our bus company can support your trip with reliable charter bus or airport shuttle services where necessary. You will find all skilled, friendly, and supportive staff of our modern tour bus fleet, chartered bus experienced drivers and bus rental contract staff. We look forward to inquiries from you regarding the ship.


As every year on Pentecost Sunday, on Sunday 23 May 2021, thousands of artists in around 75 groups will take part in this street show. There are numerous sport societies, companies, several colleges, popular culture societies, different performing organisations and associations that make up the majority of the organizations that are participating in this festival. They manage to make the festival as a big wide canvas to capture the audience's attention and share the ideas for many thoughts, issues and current topics of concern to be displayed through theatre, art , and music. Records indicate an average of 650,000 tourists getting enthusiastic, friendly, applauding rounds and even dancing along at every particular beat along the 3.5 km path. The starting time is usually at: 12:30 – from Yorckstraße / corner Großbeerenstraße, then the prade follows the route: Yorckstraße, Gneisenaustraße, Hasenheide, and Hermannplatz, as the ending point of the segment: around 21:00. To be on schedule to escape both road delays to traffic congestion, Coach Charter Berlin with Tour Bus, Bus Hire, and Chartered Bus Services would be your trustworthy collaborator to organize your group's travel for certain days to make sure you have the ability to participate as often as possible, conveniently, easily, and not to think about any community transportation problem.


During the parade route, the field around Blucherplatz in Kreuzberg, for the other four days, is a gathering place for residents and tourists to enjoy how blessed Berlin is with a remarkable gem of cultural and artistic features that so many admire. We can therefore confirm that this festival is a testimony to a bustling Berlin where cultural diversity is valued as a point of strength and pride. The party will consider everything on sale there as an experience around 350 food stalls, snacks, and other items from around the globe. There will also be various artworks and crafts by local and international artists, as well as street entertainment with acrobatic shows, puppet illustrations and other creatures for special memories of unusual shapes and sizes. The varieties of music styles on show at the various stages will include many different genres and directions with international flavours.

Coach Charter Berlin's bus service is armed for decades of experience in the business of charter bus and airport shuttle buses, which you can take advantage of for a quick, secure and friendly ride to Berlin. You can hire many high quality charter busses of various sizes and modern charter from our local tour bus depot. Bus Company will sell you airport shuttle services, charter bus town transfers or full-day chartered bus services, including tour bus service for the itinerary of your party. You can only give us your community travel requirements and the bus rental team of our Coach Charter Berlin can supply you with a tailor-made chartered bus estimate.

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