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We are Berlin's leading supplier of bus charters. We have the newest deluxe cars, mini buses and buses with wifi, toilet, air conditioning, CD / DVD, colored screens, leaning chairs, GPS, maximum ribs. Bus & Coach Charter Berlin is the launch of what we and your customers will deliver. We will deliver a variety of event transport activities (meetings, conferences, trade shows, fairs, transitions and festivals) to our corporate customers. For our cars and all travelers we have adequate compensation policies. Our luxurious buses and coaches are fully Irro-Reisen owned and run. Our top priority is your health. Our extensive bus and coach fleet is our joy. We still have drivers in time. We guarantee that the visitors meet their destinations comfortably and on schedule. We are proud of our 50 years of service record. The condition may be really complicated to manage, we will support you to remove the stress and relax you. What we will give you is a good quality standard: we take pride in good-quality modern appliances and customer support. We have the best bus charter service in Berlin for your clients.


Searching for Berlin charters? Hundreds of organisations and travelers across the world depend upon you to locate the right location! Will you know how you can get everyone comfortably and on time to and from Berlin? Your party will be flying together, we promise. The best way to coordinated groups is by bus charter, particularly in large cities like Berlin, to move safely and efficiently. Send us your request and have the best operation, pricing and efficiency for your community transport.


You can book a bus with driver on Coach Charter Berlin conveniently for parties, excursions, company tours and more! Please fill in our application form and start getting offers in Berlin for all your bus hire needs. A VIP experience begins on the trip to and from the Berlin function. If you require a VIP coach or a VIP bus in Berlin, your own hostess, hostess, or even brand-name vehicles for your groups would have the experience and support you require. The private bus in Berlin is quite common, particularly if you're traveling in larger groups, with DRIVER IN BERLIN Chauffeured. In Europe, private bus transport is on the rise, especially for school trips, business trips, guided tours, etc. In the coach industry, schools, bus routes, leisure, company and worker travel are protected by a number of industries. Buy a bus from weddings and sporting activities, field trips, company retreat and so on for parties and gatherings of every scale and form! If you want to hire a bus in Berlin, you can visit the stunning European countryside to admire the exuberant scenery and wave on farmers. Bus with Driver in Berlin! For through place in Europe, we deliver road transport and travel solutions. Our facilities are open to passengers and bus operators from across the globe, serving the entire of Europe. We are experienced in Berlin coach job. We understand how much it is necessary to keep on track for important business activities. Bus & Minibus Hire Berlin When you hire a chalk bus for optimum control and allocation of resources, do not depend on public transit that carries broad crowds. Berlin Wine degustation tours Explore Berlin society. Book tourist excursions and bus trips in Berlin or anywhere else in Europe. Berlin Sightseeing bus tours! We will also assist you in hiring a Berlin skilled tourist guide tours. The Berlin Managers, players, workers and fans all depend on us to hit their next game or to take their moves with us, in a relaxed and stylised way. Sports Bus & Minibus Select the right bus and your party is ready to win the next match. There are a variety of specific travel choices for airport classes after arriving. Avoid the crowds, and take the fastest option for your party airport transfers in Berlin, which is pre-booked private bus. BUS CHARTER BERLIN Any form of bus transfer, tour and bus travel can be transported to and carried out in Berlin and all over Europe. WiFi / Audio / DVD SERVICE Please mention it on your request if you need WiFi, internet, DVD etc. on board. Most of our parents' buses have restrooms, so please be as precise as possible on your applications. Bathroom Your health is our highest priority. Security is important. Both drivers and employees of our parents are well qualified and their buses frequently tested. Scale of the group? No question! No question! In order to satisfy your requirements, we have cars and buses for 5 to 90 travelers. Power Outlets If a bus with electricity outlets is needed. In your question, notice it and do not think about your battery on your trip running low. IN BERLIN All Across EUROPE Good Performing BUSSE, MINIVENES All CACHES! BUS BERLIN Taxi, BERLIN Group Plane, and Plane BERLIN ENTERTAINER? -- What is the differentiation? While a qualified driver drives regular tour buses, minibuses, party busses and amusement buses, they vary in seating ability and common uses. The most famous charter busses and the minibus. The bus is full-size. To classes up to 35 people, a minibus is ideally equipped. To classes of 36 + travelers, charter busses are great. The regular charter bus also comes with other facilities such as a toilet and because of its scale.



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